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Street Heat strain is an Indica dominant hybrid [70% Indica / 30% sativa] marijuana strain with high. THC levels and a CBD content of less than 1%. THC and CBD ratio could be as much as 100:1 if the plant’s CBD content is 0.2% or less.

The lineage is a cross between Pineapple Trainwreck and Cookie Monster weed strains created by Big Al’s Exotics, setting the bar high for a unique terpene profile combined with a rewarding, uplifting and spiritual experience—winner of the 2017 phenotype hunt in Humboldt County.

Origin: Cookie Monster x pineapple trainwreck strains

Appearance: Fluffy, medium to large in size flower nugs with bright red pistils and rich purple hue. Buds are covered in sticky white trichome crystal resin.

Taste: The first hit of the LA St strain has bright, citrusy flavours,  Afghan Kush which slowly change to more of an earthy sweetness as you exhale. The tropical fruits mixed with a sugary taste won’t disappoint.

Smell: The scent lingers after each rip, giving it its street name, “Cake.” Lemons gently slice through the air like sunshine between evening clouds before plunging back into the ocean under a starlit sky.

Street Heat Strain Leafly Online

St Strain and Street Heat is a hybrid strain whose effects are well-balanced. A 50/50 split brings together the greatest qualities of both sativa and India. A few similar strains are and. Street Heat is well-known for its capacity to stimulate appetite, THC Bomb Strain  ease tension, and facilitate sleep. This strain will provide a pleasing experience whether you’re trying to relax with friends or unwind after a hard day.

Seven Leaves Strain Effects

It is the type of flower that will make your whole body buzz with happiness. These buds induce a feeling of euphoria, pure relaxation, and happy comfort during use. Indica balances its energetic effect with its sativa-dominant counterpart; the effect is immediately rewarding. 

A light, tingly sensation creeps up on you gradually before it takes hold and pulls you into a state of pure tranquility. With little to no visible side effects, Supreme Pink Kush Strain, the Seven Leaves strain, is an easy go-to for beginners or more experienced users who want the therapeutic effects of this mild but wonderful strain without overwhelming potency. Dry eyes and dry mouth are negative side effects, so have some eye drops and drinks ready.

Street Heat Strain Allbud Medical Benefits

LA Street Heat strain by Big Al’s Exotics also contains a key ingredient linked to neurological aid and the treatment of inflammatory conditions. This potent indica can help relax muscles while treating conditions such as chronic pain and muscle spasms by providing a calming glow without sending you into a deep coma. Get top-of-the-line medical marijuana strains delivered to your door with us! These are suggestions and are not intended as professional medical advice.




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