Strains of Weed

Cannabis has numerous strains, just like many other plants. In general, marijuana strains are classified as either sativa, indica, or hybrids of the two.

Sativa strains often result in a buzz that is energizing and pleasurable.

Calm and restful indica strains are possible.

Blends of the two are called hybrid strains. The majority of contemporary strains are hybrid.

What to Look For In Good Weed Vs Bad Weed

Premium and high-quality (top-shelf) cannabis has a strong smell with various aromas and is commonly associated with a dank and intense nose, but there are exceptions. For example, our Strawberry Cream does not have an intense or sharp scent. In fact, its aroma is often described as a strawberry milkshake, and yet it’s potent with 30% THC. Again, this is where a good budtender can help you understand the quality of your flower purchase. It also pays to read the labels when shopping for flowers online or in-store.

It’s worth noting that when you smell weed and don’t like the scent, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “bad.” It could be that the flavor isn’t for you. Aromas are highly personal — one small survey tested 11 strains of weed, and 60 people who participated came up with 48 words to describe the 11 strains. Indeed, it can be a very personal experience. There is a close link between our taste and smell senses, so if you look for a strain that you enjoy the scent of, you’ll probably enjoy the taste of it, too. 

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