Ridgeline Farms Runtz ( 3.5g )


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Ridgeline Farms Runtz, the exclusive 2019 EMERALD CUP WINNER, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. This unique strain, a blend of two award-winning varieties, {Gelato X Zkittlez}, is meticulously grown by Ridgeline Runtz Strain. The beautiful hues of purple and the invigorating effects of this strain make it a truly special experience. It’s a potent combo that eases the body and mind,  Runtz Cake Strain 7g allows you to enjoy the day without feeling couch-locked.

“The most exciting thing about this collaboration is how many people who have never smoked sun-grown cannabis can now enjoy true craft cannabis,” Jason and the Ridgeline Farms crew informed me. This dedication to craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of our work, from the quality of our strains to the discreet, secured delivery services we offer. Buy Ridgeline Runtz Weed Strain Near Me Online from the #1 reliable Canada, UK, and USA Weed Shop.

Ridgeline Runtz Strain and Ridgeline Lantz is an heirloom cross of two Green Lantern, Emerald Cup winners, and the Ridgeline Lantz strain. The family farmers at Ridgeline Farms refined them over more than four years of breeding. As soon as the seal is broken, it smells of sweet candy and earthy pine and sparkles with platinum trichomes on stiff, dense purple buds.

Perfected in the storied Humboldt Hills, we’ve brought Ridgeline Runtz’s genetics to Madcow. Our knowledgeable indoor cultivation partners create flawless indoor runs of the new strain. Meanwhile, Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Oil our family in the Emerald Triangle is preparing to release extremely potent sun-grown batches of Ridgeline Lantz and Ridgeline Runtz Cookies.

Ridgeline Runtz | Ridgeline Lantz  Online

“Let the world savour a strain that my father and I spent years developing,” declared Jason Gellman, proprietor of Ridgeline Farms Seeds, Death Valley OG Strain, and Ridgeline Runtz Leafly. This incredible strain originated in the hills of Humboldt County, where I grew up cultivating the plant. We eagerly await the opinions of all bona fide marijuana users.

Owner of Ridgeline Farms Jason Gellman is a second-generation cannabis farmer from Southern Humboldt County, and his love for the plant is evident in each bloom. This side of the hill is where the terps impact differently.


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