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33 backpackboyz is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that produces neon green buds shaped like spades with gold pistils and a thin layer,

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33 Backpackboyz is a hybrid cannabis strain with a strong Indica dominance that yields neon green buds with gold pistils and a thin coating of trichomes in the shape of spades. It tastes and smells like zesty lemons and fragrant dirt.

THC levels average between 14% and 16%, making this a choice strain for novice consumers. Its effects create a state of introspection as the mind calms and the body feels at ease as aches and pains dissipate. Though Indica-dominant, backpackboyz 33 is supposed to mind and stimulate cerebral activity.

Couch-lock may ensue, so ensure no tasks must be done after consuming this strain. Negative side effects besides typical cottonmouth and dry eyes are rare. However, note that many songs can cause paranoia or anxiety when consumed above tolerance levels.

Backpack Boyz no 33 | Backpack Boyz Backpack

It takes about ten weeks for the backpackboyz 33 strain to fully flower and become ready for harvest, growing best in cool, wet climates. It may help those with insomnia, appetite loss, anxiety, and PTSD.

Reviewers highly recommended finding a blanket and something to munch on while releasing stress and tension in the nervous system. Some suggested that users seeking relief from cramps, migraines, Purple Trainwreck, nausea, and loss of appetite might benefit from the 33 Backpackboyz price. It is no surprise that the dominant terpene in this strain is Beta Myrcene.

Number 33 Backpack Boyz For Sale

Scottie Pippen, the famous NBA basketball player, decided to work in collaboration with the official Backpack Boyz to bring to cannabis consumers this amazing THC-potent marijuana strain. The number 33 strain was created from very exotic lineages. It’s a cross between lemon cherry gelato and biscotti.

The aromas are skunk-sour with citrus hints. The flavors are very exotic and have a huge mixture of tastes. Its dark chocolate custard, stone, fruity, lemon floor cleaner, and coffee ice cream with milky sour gas are ones to really enjoy. Also, check out the peanut butter gelato marijuana strain.

The effects of the number 33 Backpackboyz strain are strong, backpack boyz mylar, nice body sedation, and a hazy head high that won’t put you to sleep. It’s a THC variant with THC levels in the mid-twenties and low CBD with 30% cannabinoids.

Is Gelato 33 More Indica or Sativa?

Gelato backpack Boyz 33 strain, also known as Larry Bird, is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is very popular with cannabis lovers. Aside from the slight Indica dominance of around 55%. The Gelato variety is known for its purple-colored buds (buds) with distinctive bright orange hairs and visible resin droplets.

Is Backpackboyz420 Legit?

They will send you a fake tracking number and a fake website of the delivery company showing the package. Then, you will receive an email stating that you need to pay a customs fee, etc., asking for a price. This is where you are at TD for a side rip-off.

What is The Widest Variety of Gelato?

The most dominant variety is indicated as a hybrid product, while the most potent is gelato, number 45. It has an excellent high THC content of 27%. Its high THC percentage and terpene profile make the Gelato strain popular with most users.

Lab Data
Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 14-16%
CBD: <1%


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