What is The Backpackboyz?

Join our fantastic weed household by ordering your exotic cannabis online from Backpackboyz. We are the only authentic online dispensary offering unique cannabis strains. Buy our fashion accessory with the packs and enjoy the benefits of our Backpack Boyz marijuana strains.

What are Backpack Boyz strains?

We bring variety to the table with a lovely collection of strains. Our backpack boyz strains range from ice cream classics like apple, black cherry, lemon cherry, and number 33 to exotic ones like horchata, Italian ice, tiramisu, and much more. Browse our backpack Boyz menu, place an order and skip the line!

Is Backpackboyz 420 Overloaded?

At, no one has ever paid more than they bargained for. Your health needs are the mainstay of our pricing policy, so it is guaranteed that you will not be overcharged. Select your marijuana product, do the math, and see how much you can save.

Sellers with counterfeit Backpack Boyz bags often black out the top of the pack in photos because the presence of a slit is the most obvious indicator that the bag is fake.

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