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Jack Herer is a blissful and uplifting Sativa with smooth body effects. Herer Strain. However, this famous strain is named after the legendary cannabis activist Jack Herer,

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Jack Herer is a blissful and uplifting Sativa with smooth body effects. Herer Strain. However, this famous strain is named after the legendary cannabis activist Jack Herer. Therefore, the Dutch breeders could not have created a better variety to pay tribute to such an influential figure—one of the most popular marijuana strains today, Jack Herer Cartridge and with good reason.

Laboratory-Proven Results:

THC: 23%

CBD: 0.3%

key Features

  • Named after cannabis activist jack herer strain.
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid.
  • Earthy, pine, and citrus aroma.
  • Balanced THC and CBD levels.
  • Energizing and euphoric effects.
  • Promotes creativity and focus.
  • Used for daytime relief.
  • Herbal and spicy flavour profile.
  • Reduces stress and depression.
  • Improves mood and motivation.
  • Enhances mental clarity.
  • Increases sociability.
  • Favoured among medical users.
  • Provides pain and fatigue relief.
  • It may alleviate migraines.
  • Moderately difficult to grow.
  • Requires warm, Mediterranean climate.
  • High-yielding and resilient plant.
  • Honours cannabis advocate’s legacy.
  • Renowned for its versatility.


This variety is one of the most famous Sativa hybrids that exist. So, the Jack Hair strain, named after the legendary cannabis activist of the same name, is the perfect tribute to such an honourable man. However, FIYAMAN VAPE CARTS  in The Naked Emperor, Herer spent his life fighting for the legalization of cannabis and the regulation of industrial hemp. He buys Nova brand cherry lemonade online.

Sativa is known for its intellectual and creative high and smooth body. Plus, you’ll feel relaxed and a little philosophical after a few hits of this tension. Here is a tri-variate hybrid of Shiva Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights #4 that possesses all the cerebral and uplifting qualities of a Sativa with a hint of Indica. This strain provides cannabis users with a blend of earthy, lemony notes and herbaceous, almost sage-like aromas. Jack herer seeds is as pleasant-tasting as it is well-liked.

Jack Herer Medical Benefits

For those who use cannabis recreationally, jack herer weed is great for a daytime excursion with friends or a night out. Jack herer weed strain helps treat mild aches and pains as well as nausea in medical patients. Furthermore, Slurry Crasher Strain ( 7g )  the sharp and uplifting focus that this strain offers is typically appreciated by persons who suffer from mental health issues including depression and ADD/ADHD. For anyone who has had a difficult day, weed seeds jack herer is also great.

What Does The jack herer strain strain Variety Smell Like?

The pinene, evident from the name, smells very piney, where this strain gets its woody, piney scent. Strain jack herer is also found in softwood trees, Runtz Disposables jack herer weedmaps, and pine needles, making it a staple for all the woody scents we love.

What is An Excellent jack hair strain Sativa Strain?
  • Durban poison. This energizing herer strain has been among the most popular in the history of Sativa lovers.
  • Sour Diesel.
  • Strawberry cough.
  • Jack Herer.
  • Green Crack.

Ounce (28 grams), 1/4 lb (112 grams), 1/2 lb (225 grams), 1 lb (425 grams)


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