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Biscotti Nature Boyz, The strain Biscotti can become a favorite if you enjoy cookies or other sugary baked goods of any kind. A cross between Gelato #25 and South Florida OG, this Indica-dominant hybrid has been compared to a Snickerdoodle cookie, with notes of cinnamon and spices reminiscent of an excellent organic bakery.

Because the strain known as Biscotti is new to the market, only a little is known about it at this time. But as people review it, it’s already gaining a following. This is a fantastic social strain because it tends to spark talks and make people laugh, making it ideal for sharing with friends.


Biscotti wastes no time. But the high starts to build almost from the first taste. The high starts with a feeling of happiness that quickly blossoms. Stress and concentration dissipate soon after, replaced by giggly distractions. Users appreciate the effectiveness of Biscotti Boyz in calming the earth.

The body rush follows quickly. But it tends to start at the top of the head and gently expands to fill the entire body. Joints loosen, muscles soften, and movement is free and easy. Between the utter and complete relaxation of the body talk and the unfocused bliss of the head rush, nature boyz biscotti, users remain sunk in their couches for the duration of the word. The blue cookie strain variety is perfect for the weekend or night.


Like its parent strains, the biscotti strain price smells nutty, earthy, and sweet, with a bitter cookie undertone. When smoking Biscotti, there is only a hint of herbs on the exhale.


The name biscotti strain price is fitting when it comes to taste. Expect a sweet, spicy flavor that tastes like your favorite baked good.

Adverse reactions

Like many THC-rich strains, Biscotti Boyz often leaves users dry-eyed and dry-mouthed. Due to the pleasantness of the strain of smoking, some users may overdo it. If this happens, the most common symptom is anxiety.

Medical Benefits

Biscotti Boyz was developed for recreational use. However, medical marijuana users have a lot to love about its benefits. Biscotti Boyz may leave you in love with your sofa, but it also does an excellent job of lifting your spirits and relieving stress. But it doesn’t take much of this strain to calm inflammation and ease aches and pains.

So, the blissful feeling that comes from the mental high helps people suffering from even severe depression or post-traumatic stress disorder to stabilize their mood in a favorable direction for a while. However, the high potency makes it possible to treat symptoms that might not be as responsive to smaller doses, for the length of the tall, pessimism or despondency transforms into relaxed, open euphoria.


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