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Tropicali Glo Extracts



Tropicali Glo Extracts


Tropicali Glo Extracts, also called Tropicali Kush, is a hybrid cannabis strain with a slight sativa-lean. It produces a scent and flavor reminiscent of tropical berries just as its name may imply. When ready for harvest, its buds are mint green and covered with dewy trichomes.

THC levels average between 15-19%. Its high is known to be well-balanced between sativa and indica effects, relaxing both body and mind. Slight but pleasant tingling or pressure can be felt in the head upon consuming, either in the forehead or behind the eyes. Though relaxed, an energetic burst of social tendencies may arise, leaving the consumer talkative.

Furthermore, If you can imagine what the most ideal daytime strain would be like, Tropicali likely comes pretty darn close. Most users describe their high as one that’s full of energy but not so much that they’re bouncing off the walls. Instead, they enjoy a mixture of motivation and relaxation that’s enough to get things done without feeling hyper.

Social tendencies are often heightened as well, so this strain could be a great choice for your next party or dinner event. Keep in mind that while she is sativa-dominant by nature, Tropicali may also include some sedating effects so you’ll want to experiment with her to see how you react


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