SMOK Priv V8


SMOK Vape Pen 24.5mm diameter and 3000mAh capacity, a stainless steel material build. With a weight of 125g.

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Want a robust vape with an improved e-juice refilling system? Consider buying our SMOK Priv V8 model in the contemporary design. It has a big refilling slot for all vaping fans who love to puff smoke for hours to come. The diameter of this model is 24.5mm, which means it can easily fit in your pocket. What about its weight, it is just 125g. Nevertheless, the model is made from stainless steel, not plastic. It makes it robust, durable, and resistant to falls.
When you order SMOK Priv V8 online from the Mega Marijuana Store, it comes with a USB cable, baby tank, mod, dual coils, and other essential spare parts. The glass tube is replaceable. The same goes for a drip tip. SMOK Priv V8 is equipped with a big fire key and led indicator. It makes this model very stylish and modern looking. Another reason to get our SMOK Priv V8 for sale is the power of its battery which is equal to 60W. You will be able to vape for a few days without the need to recharge a device. You will be able to vape for a few days without the need to recharge a device. This device is powered by a replacement battery, smok priv v8 coils,, but it also supports charging. Just plug it into your laptop and leave for an hour or two. That’s it.

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What is the smok priv v8 kit?

The SMOK Priv V8 Kit is on sale right now. The Priv V8 is Smoktech’s latest mechanical kit, combining a V8 box mod and a TFV8 baby tank.

What is the Priv V8?

The Priv V8 is Smoktech’s latest mechanical kit, Glo extracts Master Box, combining a V8 box mod and a TFV8 baby tank. The box mod has a power output of 60 watts, an LED battery indicator, a large fire button, USB charging, and a single 18650 battery, while the tank has a specially designed coil to maximize vapor and flavor. Specifically, a startup.

What is the Priv V8 tank made of?

Vaping couldn’t be easier with a large fire button made of zinc alloy: simply fill it with your favorite sub-ohm vape juice, insert a fully charged 18650 battery, and you’re ready to go. The Priv V8 Kit includes a 510-threaded 3ml capacity TFV8 Baby Beast Tank that is just as simple to use as the Priv V8 model.

What kind of battery does the Priv V8 Box Mod use?

A single 18650 battery (sold separately) powers the PRIV V8 Box Mod, which is accessible via a hinged battery door.

What is a V8 vaporizer?

Stick V8 is SMOK’s new pen-style starter kit, taking user experience to the next level. At this level, the battery has a super-high capacity of 3000 mAh and 20 amps of continuous discharge. Capacity, despite the fact that his tank is the well-known TFV8 big baby tank, which is 5ml and shares all of the baby animals.

Is the Smok priv V8 better?

The SMOK Priv V8 Kit features a baby beast tank and easy-to-use screenless mode, and single button full side trigger. Although comfort comes at the expense of versatility, the kit still manages to perform well overall.

Is it better to vape at high power?

If you like a good, strong throat hit, go for a higher wattage, but if you’d prefer your vape to be a little smoother, vape smok priv v8,, go for a lower wattage.

Why is my vaporizer burning my throat?

When we vape, we get what is known as a “throat hit,” which is the sensation we get in our throat when we inhale. The strength of the liquid determines the severity of the sore throat: the stronger the liquid, the more severe the sore throat.

Does vaping burn your lungs?

Breathing in harmful chemicals from vaping products can cause irreversible (cannot be cured) lung damage, lung disease, and in some cases, death. Certain chemicals in vaping products can cause cardiovascular disease and biological changes that are linked to the development of cancer.

How many puffs on a vape equals one cigarette?

About 14 puffs will equal one cigarette, and a 60ml bottle of 3mg e-liquid will equal 15 cigarettes. People also wonder how much nicotine is in a joule, Puff Bar, which is equivalent to 20 cigarettes.


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