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Neapolitan Waferz Glo Extracts


Neapolitan Waferz Glo Extracts

Neapolitan Waferz Glo Extracts Users say this hybrid is an uplifting, elevating, cerebral experience that gradually extends into the body and limbs in the form of tingly relaxation.

When you first inhale the aroma of these nugs, Neapolitan Waferz come immediately to mind, with a berry and doughy smell, touched by sweet and nutty undertones. Threads of dark purple leaves intertwine with green under a coating of yellow trichome crystals.

Neapolitan Waferz may be a typical breakfast item, but you’ll want to smoke this strain at the end of your day. Your high begins with bold indica effects that make your mind slightly foggy while bringing you to a completely joyful place. Relaxation comes in waves, allowing you to notice how each part of your body feels as tingles wash from head to toe. For some, focus does eventually improve, but what’s certain is that the munchies will strike with a force to be reckoned with. Have some snacks handy – you’ll thank us later.

You will enjoy the terpene profile of this strain, noting the abundance of Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene. Reviewers say the higher Myrcene content comes through toward the end of the experience as sedation easily sets in.


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