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Muha Meds Cart is a black-market THC vape cartridge we’ve followed for a while. Unlike 99% of the fake brands out there, there seems to be a mysterious party, the brand indignant being called the “black market.”

Are Muha cartridges fake?

Muha cartridges were one of the most extensively dispersed unlicensed/counterfeit vape carts during that crisis and in the years since. But it has frequently been the subject of research by vape safety advocates.

Are Muha meds cartridges a licensed brand?

The company received its California license (C11-0001088-LIC) in February, and today, Vijaya extract products are available at numerous retailers, including Elevate dispensaries, Backpack Boys and others. Plans for additional locations are also in the works.

Are Muha meds cartridges an Indica or Sativa?

Muha meds cartridges Og is our signature Indica dominant strain. But its earthy flavor stays true to an OG kush. Its signature sniff is its jet fuel odor, which is noticeable from afar.

Is THC cartridge Muha meds a licensed brand?

THC cartridge Muha meds — a self-described street cannabis brand best known for the unregulated sale of THC-rich vape cartridges — has received a cannabis processor license in Michigan. Full story after the jump.

Why choose Muha meds?

Our revolutionary battery technology makes Muha meds stand out from all the rest. Get hours of long-lasting while you vape. Our vape pens have rechargeable batteries with excellent battery life. We also make battery replacement easy and sell Muhammed batteries at affordable prices.


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