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Glo extracts Master Box


The best quality made in the US. These cartridges are prepared perfectly for you. Each batch is carefully tested to ensure safety and quality. The GLOEXTRACTS MASTER BOX contains 100 gloextracts cartridges. It comes with  a menu which consist of 40 different flavors.
Minimum Order: 1

Glo Extracts master box offers the best in Cannabis Carts by guaranteeing safe premium Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges. These Glo Extracts Cannabis Cartridges are the best. Fresh out of the box, the scent is nice and strong. No other fillers are added….no P/G no V/G and no dillutants. Also, No battery to buy. We use Cell disposables that deliver quality clouds with every hit.

Total THC:

Total Cannabinoids:


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