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Glo diamonds Glo Extracts


8 in a box


Glo Diamonds Glo Extracts

Glo Diamonds Glo Extracts is ultra premium concentrate collab with waferzofficial. With the Glo diamonds, you just have to keep calm and shine bright like a diamond. Glo Diamonds are for ever the best concentrate, you just have to dab it up. The Glo Diamonds flavors includes, WAFERZ, MERLOT OG, VANILLA WAFERZ, CITRON.

Glo Diamonds founders set about creating the perfect balance between art and science to create concentrates that are true to the strain delivering a lifestyle enhancing, reliable and consistent cannabis experience. Glo Diamonds team of scientists and cultivators work hand in hand from seed through extraction to concentrate creation, to relentlessly pursue concentrates that deliver superior quality and potency and are “true to the strain” –meaning the unique characteristics of the strain are retained.Glo Diamonds are one of the best concentrates in the  world due to their well tested and good results of their products which is said to be harm free.


The gram is fully activated, and can also be used to dress a joint. Formulated to be the cleanest, purest dabs out there. Additive free / No residual solvents / hydrocarbon free. Same strain, same batch terpenes reintroduced for maximum flavor. Good for high temperature dabbing – NO residuals so nothing in product to burn


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