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Blue Wonder Glo Extracts



Blue Wonder Glo Extracts

Blue Wonder Glo Extracts The indica cannabis strain named Blue Wonder offers a mystical assortment of effects. Its harvest-ready buds have a gray-like appearance, as they’re blue with a thick dusting of crystal trichomes. The scent and taste of Blue Wonder are of blueberries and fresh earth.

THC levels often fall around 21%, while CBD levels currently remain untested. Its high will cause the mind to find positivity as negativity melts away. This will create a sudden shift in creativity, making this strain suitable to complete hobbies and the like. Fits of the giggles may arise, and happiness will ensue.

Besides your typical cotton mouth and dry eyes, Blue Wonder may cause dizziness or nervousness when consuming in high doses.

It generally takes about 60 days for Blue Wonder to fully flower.

Medical cannabis often falls within two distinct categories: strains that help to offer all-day relief and ones that allow you to unwind at night and sleep like a baby. Blue Wonder is certainly a part of the latter group, as those with insomnia, anxiety, and depression reach for her time and time again. She soothes you from head to toe, so whether you’re dealing with migraines, symptoms of arthritis, or simply need help falling asleep, take a few tokes and let her do the rest.


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