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Banana Pudding Waferz Glo EXtracts


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Banana Pudding Waferz Glo EXtracts is a cross between GSC and Banana OG. But the name says it all when it comes to flavor: it’s like eating a vanilla wafer cookie on top of freshly made banana pudding Glo cart; its earthy fruit flavor blends perfectly with GSC’s pasty spiciness. Like most sweet and earthy oomphs, this strain will offer a deep-bodied effect.

So, it won’t be so stony that it keeps you from enjoying the company. This strain is excellent for those suffering from pain or having sleep apnea. You can enjoy the strain during the day or night, as this great strain displays a significant variation of both indica and sativa. Banana pudding wafers Glo cart is breaded by cypress cannabis and hails a high 27% THC level.


Banana pudding wafers strain is the perfect strain for watching funny movies with loved ones at the end of the day. Be prepared to experience plenty of bellies laughs as you slowly melt into the couch. You may have to do some research to get your hands on it. With that being said, once you’ve tried it, you’re improbable to get it off your mind. This banana pudding strain is one that even the snake would keep for himself.


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